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Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Quiet little campground on the Oregon coast. We loved the facilities and proximity to the beautiful coastline. It even had a nice trail around the lake.


Camping Price: 21

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  • Electric Sites
  • Water Sites
  • Sewer Sites
  • Showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Water Available
  • Dump Station
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  • Visitor Center
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Location: West

Address: Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, Reedsport, OR 97467

Phone: 541-271-4118

Official Website

AT&T: Unknown

Verizon: Poor

T-Mobile: Poor

Starlink: Good

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Insider Information

Lake Marie trail

We recently had the pleasure of staying at this delightful, quiet campground. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle, the serenity of the location provided the perfect backdrop for a peaceful retreat. The facilities at the campground were particularly commendable. They were clearly maintained with great care, ensuring that every guest's stay was comfortable. The restrooms were stocked and in good condition. As was the case in other Oregon state parks, cleanliness seemed a top priority for the management. In the afternoon, we noticed staff diligently cleaning and tidying up the area, ensuring that it was spotless for the day's visitors. This attention to detail made our experience even more enjoyable and left a lasting impression on us. During our stay at the campground, we discovered a beautiful trail that looped around Lake Marie. This easy, 1-mile loop was perfectly suited for both avid hikers and those just looking for a gentle stroll. The proximity of the trail's starting point to our camping spot made it an irresistible choice for our morning walks. As we walked, we had scenic views of Lake Marie. Along the way, we saw many birds and different kinds of trees and bushes. The trail has a spur that leads to the OHV dunes area and also passes by the beach area. The convenience of this trail, right from our campground, made our outdoor experience all the more enriching. We were exploring the area and stumbled upon this amazing spot to overnight. If you're ever looking for the best camping spots near Umpqua Lighthouse, I can't recommend this place enough! The ambiance, the views, and just the overall experience made it a trip to remember. Next time we find ourselves in the vicinity, there's no doubt we're heading straight back to this campground. It's a gem among the many camping options available. So, if you're jotting down places for a cozy night on the coast near the Umpqua Lighthouse, do give this one a shot. You won't be disappointed!


Our camp spot

Of the few campground we stayed at in the area, this is the best camping spot near Umpqua Lighthouse and this section of the Oregon coast. This campground is designed with two distinct sections, catering to a variety of camping preferences. The upper section, situated on a slightly elevated terrain, boasts full hookup sites. These are perfect for those campers seeking the conveniences of modern amenities, providing them with electricity, water, and sewage connections. On the other hand, the lower section offers a more rustic camping experience with its dry camping sites. These dry camping sites seem a bit more spread out. Both sections of the campground offers a blend of nature's beauty making this park a popular choice for many.



The campground is beautifully nestled among towering trees, providing most sites with a generous canopy of shade. This natural umbrella not only offers a respite from the sun but also adds to the rustic charm of the setting. However, the very same trees that offer this delightful shade can pose challenges for those relying on solar panels or Starlink for their power and connectivity needs. The dense canopy often obstructs direct sunlight, making solar energy harnessing less efficient. Similarly, the thick foliage can sometimes interfere with Starlink satellite connections. But with a bit of maneuvering and the right placement, campers have found ways to make both work in harmony with the surroundings, striking a balance between enjoying nature and staying connected.


Shower facility

At this campground, amenities have been thoughtfully designed to ensure a comfortable stay for all visitors. One of the standout features is the inclusion of flush toilets, which elevate the camping experience by providing modern conveniences in the midst of nature. Additionally, the bathrooms were always kept in pristine condition. The cleanliness and well-maintained facilities reflect the ranger's commitment to offering top-notch services and ensuring that campers have a pleasant experience. Another thoughtful touch that we particularly appreciated was the design of the showers. Unlike common setups, these were housed in separate, private rooms. This design not only prioritizes privacy but also provides an added sense of security with locking doors. Such arrangements resonate well with campers like us who value their privacy and comfort. The careful attention to these details made our stay both refreshing and secure. During our stay at the campground, we noticed how water was thoughtfully provided at multiple spots. We didn't have to walk far to get water for our daily needs, be it cooking or cleaning. This feature added a layer of convenience to our stay, allowing us more time to soak in the beauty around and less time worrying about water.

Nearby William Tugman state park

However, we did find that there wasn't a dump station directly on the campground. At first, this seemed like an issue, but we soon learned from the ranger that our campground pass allowed us access to the dump station at the nearby William Tugman state park. When we visited the Tugman park dump station, we were pleased to find it spacious and well-maintained. Not only was there rinse water available for cleaning purposes, but there was also fresh water for refilling. Even though it was a short drive away, this arrangement ensured that we had everything we needed for a comfortable camping experience.


Lake Marie trail

If you're thinking of spending some time at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, I've got a little insight for you. While the campground itself might seem a bit quiet activity-wise, there's this beautiful hike around Lake Marie that's an absolute must-do. It offers a tranquil experience, and if you're like me, you'll appreciate the serenity it brings amidst the sounds of nature. It's one of those things to do at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park that you just can't miss. The Oregon coast is a breathtaking masterpiece! The entirety of Highway 101 is dotted with pullouts and viewpoints that you should absolutely take advantage of. Each spot has its own unique charm and offers a fresh perspective of the Pacific. From rugged cliffs to serene beaches, the sights are endless. So, even if you feel the campground is a bit laid-back, remember there's a whole world of natural beauty waiting just a short drive away. Make it a point to explore the coast and find your own favorite spot. Trust me, you'll be left in awe at every turn.


When you find yourself in the area, there's a special gem you absolutely can't skip - the Umpqua Lighthouse tour. Trust me, it's an experience that'll stay with you for years. From March to September, the museum and lighthouse welcome visitors from 9 am to 7 pm (hours are different in the winter). Just a little heads-up, the last tour kicks off at 6 pm, so you might want to plan your day to fit that in. The tickets are pretty reasonably priced, $8 for adults and $4 for the kids (young kids are free).

Iconic lighthouse

Now, if you're interested in history like me, the museum is a treasure trove. It delves deep into the Umpqua Lighthouse history, giving you a peek into its past, its operation, and the stories that make it so iconic. Every corner of the museum echoes with tales of yesteryears, making it an enriching experience. It's not just about the beacon; it's about the hands that built it and the lives it touched. And for the cherry on top? The lighthouse tour! It's not just any lighthouse tour, mind you. This is one of the few lighthouses left where you can actually climb to the top. The panoramic views, combined with the thrill of being in a working lighthouse, is unmatched. So, if you're in the mood for a blend of history and adventure, the Umpqua Lighthouse is where it's at.

Sunset from lighthouse

While you're exploring this Oregon coast attraction and the time is right, you're in for a delightful surprise at the Umpqua Lighthouse. Besides the stunning views and rich history, there's a beautiful natural spectacle to witness: the migration of gray whales. This majestic sight is truly something you won't want to miss. The optimal months to catch these gentle giants on their journey are in November, December, and then from February through April. So, if you're planning a trip, maybe align it with these months for a double treat!

Whale watching information

Keep an eye out for their surfacing patterns. These beautiful creatures tend to come up for air every couple of minutes. So, find a cozy spot, maybe with a cup of your favorite warm beverage, and keep a lookout. The next time we are in the area we hope it lines up with the migration. We think it will add an entirely new dimension to the already scenic Oregon coast experience.